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Sassi Holfold



The year of 2013 – Sassi wins Best British Designer at the main consumer and industry awards ceremonies in London.

The year of 2012 – Sassi Holfold launches her ‘esprit’ label – So Sassi.

The year of 2011 – Sassi Holfold was launched into the Japanese order.

The year of 2011 – Industry celebrates 30 years of Sassi.

The year of 2008 – Sassi Holford was commissioned to design and make the wedding gown for Autumn Phillips who married Peter Philips, the first of the Queens Grandsons to marry.

The year of 2007 – Sassi enjoyed a highly successful debut in New York.

The year of 2003 – Sassi opened her flagship boutique in Chelsea, London.

The year of 1994 – Sassi opened her Taunton boutique.

The year of 1989 – The Sassi Holford collection was stocked in Harrods and Libertys in London.

Where it all began 1981 – Sassi Holford Bridal began, making her the first wedding dress. One of her earliest challenges was to create a wedding dress for a friend overnight!


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